Ketch-22 is out there in the world now.  Yay!! I’m a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.  So now what?  Everyone is saying “so when’s your next book?”  Hmm…good question.  I’ll get back to you in a bit on that.  I have so many ideas.

But right now I’m focusing on REVIEWS.  Most of my feedback has been from family and friends and it’s been so positive and great!  I love it.  Nothing makes an author happier than sincere, honest and happy feedback.  Almost makes the long nights, creative mental blocks, tears (honestly) and endless editng (aaaaahhh!) editing, worth it.

It actually makes it ALL worth it.  Money is nice and fame is meh but seriously, a good review after all of the months and years poured into a creative endeavor means the world.

I got my FIRST review today!  And yes, it was a friend, but it still counts!  Know why? Because if it sucked, she’d tell me (and the world) and I know it was a sincere review and I’m so happy she liked it!

So if you haven’t done it already, please buy and read my book, and leave a nice and honest review.  I’ll wait…

Just kidding.  Waiting’s not my thing.  I’ll write.