I had my first book appearance/discussion yesterday at White Oak Coffee in Cary. Being an introvert and living in my head a lot, the prospect of speaking in front of people was intimidating to say the least. And because of that, I didn’t do a good job of promoting it prior to the event. In retrospect, I wish I had. I would have enjoyed more questions and interaction. It wasn’t bad at all and I liked being able to discuss my background and book themes. So maybe…if there’s a next time anywhere, it won’t be that bad! I didn’t cry…so that’s saying something. Anything even remotely official and I tear up (even getting sworn in as a notary years ago), but somehow I held it together and it was fun! I hope if you have made it to this page, you have read Ketch-22. If you have, PLEASE leave a review on my Amazon, and if you haven’t…get it! You’re going to need some context when The Longest Time comes out in a few months. 😉