The wait is over! (I don’t know if you’ve been waiting, but I have!)

The writing of this book went quickly, but editing is tedious.

But with every re-read I fall in love all over again with Nick (despite my protests that I only like the good boys). Haha. Dominic Capello and his family are a trip.

And I know I wrote the story, but being a writer, you sit down with an *idea*, but the book writes itself. I don’t go into it with a clear finish or ending, something takes over me. What I get are scenes and vingettes in my mind, and I begin to write, and before I know it, I have a chapter! And then a book! It’s crazy, even to me.

I’m a true romantic, and the theme of fate and happy endings is always in my books. Life isn’t always perfect, or what we want, but sometimes it’s what God knows we need anyway. Ready to guide us, if we only allow. Flaws and all. We are loved. We are enough.

I really hope you will choose to spend Christmas with the Capellos. This story is funny, heartwarming, heartbreaking and uplifting. It is a realistic journey of fumbling through life, while on the path of self-discovery. And I’d love you to take it along with him!